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Keep your lantern to your chest, lad. These waters aren't as calm as they may seem...

As the Ferryman, it's your duty to deliver goods and supplies to the denizens of the sea. It isn't an easy job, but it needs doing. The Keepers depend on you, so you'd better get to it. Just remember - the further you stray from the shore, the rougher yet the seas become.

Move with the [arrow keys]. Grab, throw, interact, and repair with [Z]. Keep your engine fueled. Patch up holes in your ship's hull. Listen closely. Accept that you won't be alone.

Contains some mild language.

Code by Josh Edwards (@joshedev), art by crelish (@crelishboy) and worm (@uncannyworm), music by holbinski (@hugeholbinski).

Featuring the voice talents of Joey Sourlis, David Keegan, Aubrey Lima, Jett Barker, Sardinekey, Eamonn Leighton, D. Tyler Fultz, Kirsten Candelore, Bryce Garland, Freddie Heinz, Akanimo Effang, and Vincent Fabbri.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorBrainloaf Studio
GenreSurvival, Platformer
Tags2D, Dark, Endless, Horror, Immersive, Lovecraftian Horror, Monsters, Narrative, Story Rich


TheFerryman.zip 265 MB
TheFerryman.exe 279 MB


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Quite an experience. The more disturbing & challenging as you progress. I think I'll need another deckhand to help with the boat. :) 

This was such a blast and a super well made game! Had so much fun playing it and understanding the mechanics. The storybook-like look really made the atmosphere and world that much deeper and the music, sounds and voice acting, wow, they added so much to the game. It really felt like the player was part of the world and it really was so immersive and fun to play. Really great job on it, this was an amazing game.


This game was a lot of fun. The gameplay was very innovative and kept you on your toes. Greaat job! 

Excellent game

Really wondering if there will be a sequel to this game and expand on the lore of the harbourers. The voice acting is well done with how many NPC there were. The mechanics of handling the ship was nice and not overwhelming. Overall a very charming game to play.

After a dozen or so tries, couldn't seem to get past the 9th lighthouse. I think I had the most issues with the flames, there's like 1 flame, you go down come up, extinguish it and by the time you're back there's already a new one. So it repeats like that and you can never seem to keep up with the lightning. 

I did enjoy my time with it though and looked forward to reaching each lighthouse & meeting the characters, add an easy mode so I can see the ending :D. I really wanna see it, got really into the story but yeah, couldn't get past the 9th one.

I'm not sure if this intentional or not, but I did beat the 9th lighthouse, after that it was number 9 again. There's like two #9 lighthouses in a row. I thought it was on my end but looks like it's on other people's videos as well. Nice game, I really liked it!


I liked how the ending works. Great game.

Thank you!


I really enjoyed the time management aspect of this game! The story was great, and the voice acting was really well done! Also the artwork is gorgeous! Keep up the great work!


Thanks a ton for playing! It's a lot of fun hearing your reactions to the game - we're really glad you enjoyed!


deep story

We're glad you enjoyed the story! Thank you for playing!


Great one

Appreciate you checking out the game! Seems like you had quite the experience!

Thank you glad you liked it 

How long is the game flow?

Playtime is around 30-minutes to an hour on average.