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i really wanna play this :( but everytime i try downloading and opening it, it just goes to a black screen. i have to exit, and then the norton security thing on my laptop deletes and takes the app away :(


it ended up working, though im not sure how, and its pretty funny hahaha, i love the voices for everything and everything

Ah unfortunately some programs react to the game that way since we're not a recognized publisher. But we're glad to hear it worked out and that you liked it!


love it, keep making good things 

Thank you! And will do!


Does the days to counter when you sleep do anything once it reaches zero?

Uhh... well, it probably will do something, but we didn't exactly code anything special to happen...


This was so much fun to play! 

It's so easy to tell that a lot of heart went into this project ~ 

The visuals are so endearing and each character is so unique and quirky. The voice acting is very well done with my favorite being the Human Resources rodent; his existence makes no sense and I love him. Then again few of these characters make any sense: a human hybrid plant as manager and...and whatever Maurice is. And honestly, I seriously hope Coco is there as a paid intern because her stress levels have to be off the charts. 

It was always a pleasant surprise to see what was posted on the board in the training room and I guess Jeremy will forever be the blunt of the joke in the corporate hellscape that is the world of this odd but adorable dating sim. 

I laughed out loud on Coco's ending; so random! Favorite ending is a tie between Abby and Maurice; least favorite is undoubtedly the loud and crazy Big Nose John, holy bejeezus.

Absolutely great game but will never sacrifice HR rat again ✉♡

Hey, we're so glad to hear you enjoyed the game! H.R. is indeed a legend, it's true and we love him as well. And yes, Jeremy is... well... the opposite of a legend (at least in the eyes of his coworkers). Nice video too, thank you for posting - it's great to hear your thoughts!

How does one get the furnace flames up to the rat child?

If you mean for H.R.'s second task, there's no need to bring it to him! You can just pop that sucker into the furnace and head on back to said child


thanks :)

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how do i save?

You're not able to save in game, but a playthrough of a character route should only take around 5-15 minutes!

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Glad you hear you enjoyed! There may be something you can use down the elevator...


Burning the rat alive does not advance the cat lady storyline. A fatal flaw


Rat tastes better uncooked :)


The rat had to be sacrificed. I will carry this heavy burden for the rest of my life.


But perhaps it was for the greater good??


Um, I'd like to report a bug, not sure if it's the right place. I was delievering the "ass" thingy that I found in the soda machine, and was touching the white wall to the conference(blue with chairs) room when I kind of got stuck? I could not move and had to leave the game. Not sure what was the issue. :')

Thanks for letting us know about that! We're going to be putting out a updated version of the game with fixes soon, and we'll try to get that patched up. (Congrats on finding the secret too)

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I really wanted to fire Jeremy for Photosynthia


This is a great game, but I found an error where it wouldn't allow me to deliver mail to the manager. Basically, the mail was treated like it was an object other than the mail when I used it for the manager. 

Oh, you don't actually have to deliver mail to the manager! She wants you to deliver it to all of your coworkers in the office.

Oh ok, thanks! I completed all of the endings! This game is great and I like the artstyle! Are there any future updates coming to this game soon or are there no more updates?

Glad you enjoyed it! There's an update in the works right now that'll add full voice acting and some overall polish.


really boring and really broken


Sorry to hear you had issues! Could you describe what happened so we can get to bug fixing?

Now you're getting it


really fun game!!! :D